questions while building my pc

Should/can I build it on a wooden floor?
Does the psu need to be plugged in and off while building the pc.

I have an esd wristband, I just attach that to anything metal right?
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  1. 1) YES wooden floors are much preferable to a carpeted room, wear shoes to help reduce static as well.

    2) PSU needs to be UNPLUGED when building the PC... at no time should you ever install/remove a part with the power supply plugged in

    3) best place to attach the wristband is an unpainted section of the case.
  2. Serious question: With or without socks?
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    redviper911 said:
    Serious question: With or without socks?

    Doesn't really matter if you're wearing shoes... if you're not going to wear shoes then I would say no socks as they aren't 100% cotton and will draw a charge.

    and for God's sake don't wear a sweater or anything fleece for sure...

    I always touch the case before I touch the board again as well as one final attempt to ground myself.
  4. thanks for the help
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