PC freezing while gaming?

I recently built a pc about a month ago, and when I game sometimes it freezes, either for a couple of seconds or for minutes making me restart my pc. All my temps seem normal, and when I check MSI after burner when the game freezes it says my gpu usage is at zero. My specs are:
•amd fx 8350
•r9 280x toxic
•corsair g skill snipper series
•psu 750w corsair
Do i need to get a better power or what?
Any help would be great, and needed please.
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  1. Sounds like a potential driver issue. If it is BF4 that is acting up then that is another topic altogether. There are lots of threads on completely removing drivers and then reinstalling them. Read up on that. First thing though would be to power down the PC. Turn off PS and then reseat the card. Then lok into corrupt drivers. I caused a similiar problem on my pc with my GTX 780 trying to get a high score on Catzilla. I was pushing my OC too high and the PC would lock hard. The only way out was a hard power down. This corrupted my PC. Last time I do that(for a while)!!!
  2. thanks, I will try that later. Also when i tried playing metro last light I only get 11fps, even on the lowest setting when it should be getting around 40fps. Is that a driver issue or a problem with something else?
  3. First this is what your performance should be on BF4 at HIGH: http://www.techspot.com/review/734-battlefield-4-benchmarks/page6.html
    Pushing it past this (Ultra, multidisplay, etc.) your CPU will bottle neck for the high end GPU (the R9 is best used with i7 machines, see the CPU Load figures for i7 compared to 8350) http://www.bf4blog.com/battlefield-4-retail-gpu-cpu-benchmarks/.

    So frame your expectations into this standard. Based on that standard your performance is having a issue still (you are completely right here). First ensure no OC is happening then test again, does it work better? I would then uninstall all my AMD/ATi drivers, then download and run Driver Sweeper to REALLY remove them. Reboot. You should be in VGA with bare minimum processing. Download the latest drivers (I believe for video it is 13.11 at the bottom of the webpage is available), reboot and try again but test multiple games other then just rely on BF4 as your benchmark (I can go over BF4 things to do later). Have we isolated it down to just BF4 or is is still across multiple games? Now lets test the same games in SINGLE PLAYER MODE, is there a difference?
  4. Thanks for the anwsers, i got everything fixed. It turns out it was drivers. Everything is running great right now.
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