New AMD GPU. Videos are very shaky and don't fit to the monitor res of 1920 x 1080p in video player or fullscreen

I've bought a new Sapphire AMD 7970 and a new ASUS VS247H-P 23.6" Wide 2ms LED Monitor-EPEATGold to go along with the card. The monitor runs 1920x1080.
The problem:
Ever since I installed the new GPU, I've been having a problem - minuscule but annoying - with watching videos on video watching sites such as, YouTube. The videos do render in 1920x1080 but the video size is sort of compressed, even in fullscreen. The videos shake at moments where there is movement to the left or right, e.g., watching a video-game walk-through and its sort of compressed, then when the camera of the video in game is turned left or right, the screen shakes and has to sort of refocus. Mind you I have no idea what I've done or haven't done to get it to do this, for I am still learning how to build and maintain my PC's. But I would love to know, how do I fix the video so that it fits the entire video box and in full screen whilst not shaking when the video captures movement? I do know that the AMD Catalyst Center has some options as to maybe quell this problem, but I don't know if the options apply to me LED monitor. Thank you for your feedback.

TLDR; focus on the underlined.

Quick edit: I'm using the HDMI cable connection.
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    Movement in the video shouldn't have any effect on the video window.
    YouTube videos are often not great quality.
    Try playing an mkv video file locally on your computer using a video player like VLC.
    If this is ok, the problem might be your web browser, or just the videos you are watching.
    Always make sure you have the latest drivers from the AMD web site as well.
  2. Open amd catalyst control center and go to my digital flat-panels.Click on scaling options and slide the control until it eliminates the unused part of your screen. Apply and your done.

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