CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT on Asus x79-deluxe and NH-D14 SE2011 - what to connect and where?

Hello, according to the Noctua instructions I should connect both fans to the Y cable, or "depending on the chassis temperature" I can connect both fans to two separate "low noise adapters".

In the mainboard I can see two ports. The CPU_FAN and the CPU_OPT.
The Noctua has two fans. One in the middle and one in one side.

It is better to:
- connect both fans to the CPU_FAN port via the Y cable, or
- connect directly the middle fan to CPU_FAN and the other fan to CPU_OPT, or
- connect each fan to a low noise adapter, and connect one adapter to CPU_FAN and one to CPU_OPT?

Thanks in advance
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    It is better to connect them to each fan header on the board. the board will put out the same voltage to both headers. this will make both fans run at near the same RPM.

    If you want a quiet fan then you can run the low noise adapter but you will lose some cooling performance.

    the Y adapter is used for motherboards that don't have the CPU-OPT header.
  2. main one infront to cpufan, and second to cpu-opt.
  3. Thank you so much!! :)
  4. cheerios mate.
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