GTX 780 ti Overheating issue.

So couple of days ago I got a Gainward Geforce GTX 780 ti.
I didn't notice any issues the first day, but I didn't really try much gaming either.

Next day I run up Skyrim. The next thing that happens as soon as I stare at the Menu screen, I hear a loud whiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzz kind of sound coming from the case. Turns out it's the fan on my 780 ti that's somehow turning on some kind of turbo. Soon as I noticed that I closed Skyrim, and it quieted down. First thing I did was launch MSI afterburner and monitor what the h- was going on, and it turned out that the temperature was increasing at a rapid rate, like 1-2 degrees every second.

I also noticed that it seemed to be tied to my games framerate, in the Menu screen I had along 800-1000 frames per second, and that was when the whizzing noise was at it's worst. As soon as I launched the game and it ran at 60-70 FPS, the card seemed to cool down and run like normal.

I thought it was an issue with Skyrim at first, but I noticed that the same thing happened once I tried to open Warframe. In the menu screen I get the insane whizzing noise and the FPS lies around 700-800 in that game at the login screen, and again the temperature is increasing at an alarming rate, and so was the fan's RPM, increasing steadily with the temperature. I stopped when the temperatures reached 70 degrees celsius and the RPM hit 1900, I don't dare press it more than that as I am not quite sure how much heat a graphics card can take.

I asked about this elsewhere and I was told it could have something to do with my card
"having errors due to the VRAM not correcting latency as the heat increases .. the hotter it gets the latency of the VRAM should increase.
Either you have bad VRAM or it is not reading the sensors correctly.
VRAM has on chip sensors that should increase the latency based on temperature that follows JEDEC specs for VRAM."
I was told. He also suggested I contact the vendor.

Now this was coming from one guy, now I am not going to call this person a liar, but personally I am fairly ignorant when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I was hoping to get more opinions on the subject before I make a decision.

I should probably mention that I have a Corsair TX 750W PSU... Not sure why though, as I don't think a lack of power is the issue.
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    its not overheating, its just coil whine. When you are getting insanely high FPS, you get coil whine, that's why people use vsync.

    go to NVidia control panel and turn on adaptive vsync. It will fix this issue. Its not a heat issue at all.
  2. EDITx4:
    Warframe has it's own V-Sync option which seems to override whatever Nvidia Controlpanel demands, so I simply turned on Auto v-sync in Warframe and indeed the game calmed down.

    You were right. Thank you.

    old post:
    I looked up Coil Whine and I found a youtube video that explained it, and that's certainly the sound it makes, except it sounds a lot more strained and constant... But does Coil Whine come with an insane increase in temperature?

    I am fairly sure that when the temperature increases by 1-2 Degrees Celsius PER SECOND when I run into this issue that it is related to overheating... As it didn't show any signs of stopping or decreasing this rate by the time I stopped it myself at 70 degrees.

    Then again I don't know if Coil Whine causes temperature increases.

    I will try your suggestion.

    I wen't into Nvidia Controlpanel and turned on Adaptive V-Sync, but it didn't seem to make a difference. The coil whine is still there, and the temps are still increasing rapidly. TESTED IN WARFRAME.

    Actually it did work for some of my games. Skyrim no longer has the issue as it stops at 120 frames. Warframe still has the problem though...
  3. no problem
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