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Hi,i have an Neo Elan laptop.(quick specs-i7,quad core,750hdd,4gb ram,640M-NVIDIA-2gb).My anti virus is Bitdefender 2011,it says that there is no virus detected. I am not satisfied with the performance of my laptop,i think it process slow for an i7 processor,,it speed is just like an i3. .How can I maximize the perfomance of my laptop?.any suggestion?
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  1. Is it on high performance mode?
  2. Is it on high performance mode?
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    You can try disabling items in startup and see if that helps. You can try running MSCONFIG to do this. If you see something and aren't sure what it is then you should do an Internet search to find out whether or not it is safe to disable it. You could also run something like CCleaner ( to clear out temp files and clear free space on your hard drive.
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