r9 290x bottleneck with i5 3570k?

I currently have a gtx 650, and I wanted to upgrade my graphics card, so I decided r9 290x amd card, but will my i5 3570k bottleneck my performance, and should I upgrade cpu?

16gbs of ram
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  1. It will not, at least not to any noticeable extent.
  2. do you think it is worth getting a 3770k? (lga 1155)
  3. No. Not unless you do rendering or something like that, and then a 4770k or 4930k is better. I am just now needing to upgrade my i7 870, CPU's are not getting much faster quickly.
  4. yes, buy i7 and you will notice 10-15% performance increase
  5. a1blaster said:
    yes, buy i7 and you will notice 10-15% performance increase

    I beg to differ. Unless the OP video encodes/streams/renders etc it isn't that much.
    While a new 4770k will, it is because haswell vs Ivy. A 4930k would be a nice upgrade too, but the OP would not see as much increase.
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    an i5 3570k is a good match with the Radeon R9 290x. No need to upgrade, overclock the CPU if you can and save up the money. I assume you're only gaming so an i7 Processor is not a must unless you do 3D editing and rendering. An i5 3570k could still last for a couple of years
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