Can't create an audio cd

I have a dvd/cd burner. I can burn data to a cd-r disk with no problem but I can't get iTunes, Windows Media Player or the software that came with the drive (CyberLink Media Suite 2.0) to burn an audio cd. I've tried a bunch of different ways (like converting the files to different formats like ACC, WMA, MPG3 . . .) and no luck. Basically, the drive/program just errors out and doesn't even appear to write anything (which it doesn't because the disc is still viewed as empty by any program). Any ideas on what to try?
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    Try NERO.
  2. I did try another program. I think it was alshampoo. And it worked. Wow. Hard to believe a windows application, an apple application and the software shipped with the burner wouldn't work but a free third party program did.
  3. Sorry - Ashampoo.
  4. You are happy at last. Cheers.
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