Need help choosing the right monitor

I've never purchased a monitor before because I've never really needed one, but now that I'm doing more advanced things with my laptops, I kind of need one.

I only need one monitor because I have a smallish desk, and a I have a smallish room as well. I'm looking for something that has a full HD display, and has up to 4 HDMI ports. I will be using the monitor for gaming (xbox 360, and PC) as well as video editing, and a little bit of game creation. I am currently using a Lenovo y510p with gt 750m SLI and and a gen i7 4700MQ haswell processor and 8 gigs of RAM for my PC gaming and game creation (will be outputted as a secondary display via HDMI). For my video editing I am using a 2013 13in Macbook air with intel HD 5000 and a i5 4700MQ haswell processor (Outputted via thunderbolt to HDMI as a secondary display). My price range is no higher than 175$ which I know might be kind of tight for what I want. I will be purchasing from Best Buy (In America).

I would prefer to have this in by Christmas and no more than 175$, thanks.

*I don't think I can fit anything over 23 inches on my desk
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