i bought too much RAM. what should i use it for? 16G / WIn8.1

so yeah, NewEgg was having some ram sticks for a wicked price and since i was building a new machine, i figured i'd buy some. so i bought 4x4G of GSkill DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24. i doubt i need 16G. i'd likely be fine with 4G. but whatever, i have it.

so, um, what the hell should i do with it? let Win8.1/64 just use it however it wants to, or should i make a RAMdisk, or...??

the OS is gonna go on either a WD Black or an SSD (i don't trust the SSD, had too many crashes, but might give it one last try). if the SSD is too flakey for my needs, OS will go on WD Black and i might use SSD as a page file. christ, with 16G of space, is Win ever gonna even NEED a page file?

i don't game. i work (MS Office), i run a java app for my stocks trading, i watch movies, and i might get back into photo editing / tweaking.

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    Go ahead and use all the DRAM, will want to use the SSD for OS and primary apps, would keep a small page file and put it on the platter drive (the WD), a RAMDisk could come in handy, especially if you get into the photo work
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