BAD smell from computer.

Hey guys, so this is my first computer build, and just now I smelled the WORST smell that filled my room FAST! I was playing CS:GO and then just a burning type smell filled my worm very fast. I didn't know where it was coming from, so I smelled my computer, and it was the source. I force shut off the computer as fast as possible, and unplugged it and everything. I waited about an hour, and turned it back on just now.

I think it might be the PSU since that's what my research is pointing to. I never shut off my PC, I just turn off the monitors and go to sleep like that, but after this I won't do that. I will actually shut off the PC. Could this be the problem? The PSU? Should I stop using the computer and get a new PSU? Thanks guys! BIG help!
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  1. What PSU do you have?
  2. Sure, the PSU is a likely candidate. But other components could cause as well.

    I recommend a careful examination of the inside of your case. Double-check the status of all devices with fans. Look at the PCBs on the GPU and motherboard to inspect for any damage.

    What are the specs for your rig?
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    Turn your computer OFF!

    Any bad smell coming from your computer indicates something has burned, any further usage will merely do further damage to the remaining components. If it was your PSU that means that you now have loads of ripple wreaking havoc on everything down stream.

    Disassemble the machine, smell everything, find the source of that smell, if it is the PSU replace it immediately.
  4. If you keep running that PSU , you may damage other components.
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