Intel i7 2600K is at 99° celcius and cpu usage is at 99%

I've had the PC for almost a year now and everything has been fine, I installed an Intel thermal cooling solution kit for cpu about 5 months ago and my temperature at idle would be around 40-50°. Today out of nowhere the pc shows it at 99°C when I'm not even doing anything and the cpu usage is at 99-100%.

If the thermal solution cooling kit has gone bad, and the cpu is overheating, could that make the cpu usage go up to 99%? Or is the cpu usage being at 99% what is making the temperature go up to 99°C?

I've already tried re-applying and re-seating the cooler to the cpu and it didn't do anything..I'm so lost :/
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  1. what is your GPU usage? someone could be using your computer to mine cryptocurrency

    try unplugging from the internet and see if usage drops
  2. I disconnected from the internet but I still have the same issue. I've done a system restore and virus scan but no luck. I have a GTX680 and its running at 35C.

    In the picture the cpu usage is not at 99% because I just restarted the pc.

  3. I guess tomorrow I'll put the stock heat-sink back on and see if the temperature goes down to determine whether or not the cooling kit is the problem. :S

    Can CPU over heating cause cpu usage to go up?
  4. no, if a CPU overheats, CPU usage should drop, as should CPU clocks. this is Intel's way of lowering the temperature to manageable levels
  5. So it's the CPU usage that's causing the temperature increase then? has my cpu gone bad do you think?
  6. Well, I replaced the Intel liquid cooling system with the stock heatsink and that seems to have solved the problem. Hopefully it stays that way. In fact its idling between 30-40C, which is lower than with the liquid cooler. lol
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    hmm, maybe the liquid cooler was mounted incorrectly or there was a gap in the interface? you can always try mounting the cooler again lol
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