Lose internet connection after waking from sleep mode

Recently, my laptop has a problem with the internet connection after waking up from sleep mode. It is not automatically connected as it used to be. I have to manually disconnect and then connect again even though I tick "automatically connected" box every time. The laptop seems not to accept my command.

Could anyone suggest a solution? I'll be grateful.
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  1. I do not have a solution but it is exactly little things like that that got me to stop use sleep functions years ago, every new install first thing that gets disabled. Which is a solution by itself.
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    Have you clicked on the wireless icon in the tray, select Open Network and Sharing, clicked on your connection, properties then configure, Power Management and turned off any 'sleep' or reduce power options? Have you checked with your laptops maker and see if this is a known issue / they have patches on their website?
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