I am wondering how i can move a steam game to another hard drive on my computer

So I just built a new computer and everything went great:) I currently have a 120 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD in my computer. My OS and everything (all programs) is currently on my SSD. But i am running low on space.

The whole reason i went with two hard drives is so i could get the fast load times on the games i want. Like Skyrim an COD. but for other games that i dont really care about, I just want to put them on my unused HDD.

My question is how can a put a specific game on my HDD. For example i want to transfer company of heroes, which is already installed on my 120 GB SSD to my 1 TB HDD.

Is there a way to do this? am i crazy?

Any help would be very much appreciate!
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    Follow these steps

    I have a 128SSD for my boot and couple games and a 1TB for other games.
    I download it in two different locations.
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