Computer restarts after selecting "shut down" in Windows

I actually made an account on here because I frequently visit here for any tech problems I have and you guys seem pretty knowledgeable in general so here it is:

Every time I chose the "shut down" option via the start menu my computer restarts rather than shuts down. It doesn't display any errors it just restarts.

It also does this periodically (about 70% of the time). Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't shut down and just restarts.

I recently put together a new build with these components (for troubleshooting reference):
-ASUS Maximus Hero Motherboard VI
-Intel i7 4770k
-G.skill Sniper series 16 gb 1866mhz RAM
-Kingston V300 series 120 gb SSD
-Corsair H100i
-EVGA Geforce GTX 660Ti SC 3 GB
-Western Digital Blue 1 TB HDD

Running Windows 7 OEM 64 bit.

(all hdds are connected via SATA 6.0)

These are the main core components I'm working with here.

I also have all of my ASUS drivers updated using the EZ Update utilities provided by ASUS as well as all of my Intel drivers and basic ones such as that.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the ASUS AI Suite thinking that might have been the problem.

I have also ran using a clean boot and it still does it.

I have also tried changing the registry edit using the "poweraftershutdown" by changing the "0" value to a "1" as suggested in a thread on the Windows forums.

I have also updated my BIOS to the latest version.

I have also reset my BIOS settings to default settings and ran everything at stock speeds (including my RAM).

I have also reformatted my secondary hard drive.

I have also checked the eventviewer for any serious problems and have found none.

Also I system restored my computer before the issue became present and it is still doing the same thing. So I;m starting to think it might be a hardware issue.

One note* it properly shuts down always whenever I shut it down using the power button on my case (which is a Corsair Carbide 540).

Any ideas? It's not necessarily a deal breaker, just a bit of an annoyance.
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  2. Update: I read somewhere about a "wake from LAN" setting in my network adapter settings. I disabled this from the Intel network adapter I'm using and so far that has seemed to fix the issue. I turned on and shut down my computer about 5 different times from Windows itself so I think that was probably the problem.
  3. i got the same problem my pc
    ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5GPL-X (LGA 775)
    please if any can help with detailed information cause and fix
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