New Asrock Extreme 4 having problems with Sandy Bridge

So, I bought an Extreme 4 last week to replace my Asus p8p67 pro that had died on me. I put my old 2500K in it and it wouldn't post, giving me an error code of 4F. I realized my ram wasn't on the supported list so I used a stick of my neighbors, still 4F. I figured maybe my old mobo took my CPU down with it since the overclock I had running wasn't exactly stable. I grabbed my neighbors Ivy Bridge cpu and put it in, lo and behold it posted with both my and my neighbors ram.

Excited I called a friend who had a 2500K he wasn't using and bought it for 50 bucks. Came back put it in and got code 26 with no post, stuck in a boot loop. I'd like to mention that I cleared CMOS every time I changed the configuration. Frustrated I put my old CPU back in just to see what would happen, now I didn't even get the 4F error, it just booted, flashed a bunch of numbers, landed on 10 and then died immediately. I switched back and forth a few times and continued to get the same error codes for the respective CPUs. At this point I really wanted to see it post again so I put the Ivy Bridge back in and voila, posterized.

The bios version is p2.9, so maybe something got messed up in that version for sandy bridge or just the 2500Ks in general. I submitted a service request with AsRock but I figured you guys may be able to help too.
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  1. can u give the full Motherboard name? "Asrock _ _ _ _ Extreme 4" u r missing the Chipset number
  2. Sorry, its a Z77
  3. did u flashed ur BIOS?
  4. gokul36 said:
    did u flashed ur BIOS?

    how would I if I cant get to the bios screen?
  5. Best answer
    then it's ur mobo fault

    Maybe ...ur BIOS
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