asus rampage iv extreme vs asus maximus vi extreme?

Hi everybody
asus rampage iv extreme vs asus maximus vi extreme?
My cpu is i7 4770k
graphics card GTX 780Ti GHZ edition
please give me a good answer
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  1. i personally like the maximus VI...but of you would like to have something really exotic rampage IV would be the choice :)
  2. Depends on your CPU and GPU performance needs.

    If doing lots of encoding/crunching, then having more cores can help.

    Both boards will handle multi GPUs, but socket 2011 is faster in two card+ performance by virtue of having more native PCIe lanes.
  3. if you already own i7 4770k then your only choice would be the maximus vi gene since rampage iv gene uses lga2011 socket which is different that that socket your processor use, also with the maximus has 8 usb3 and 6 6gb sata while the rampage iv gene has only 4 6gb sata and 2 usb 3 ports on the back panel.
    I am considering the same options but am leaning toward the rampage since it seems to have better sound chip. at least thats what asus webpage states.
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