ASUS 2GB 7770 loses display during gaming after a short period of time

About a week ago I upgrade my graphics card to an ASUS 2GB 7770 and I would go to play ANY game and I would lose display after a period of time. I wouldn't be able to get my display back and would have to shut off my pc from the psu switch.

At first I thought it was a psu issue but then I upgrade from a 450W to MODx Stream Pro 600W and the issues still persist. I am using a DVI to D-sub adapter connecting to my graphics card (supplied with the graphics card) and my drivers are fully updated, I don't really know what to do at this point, please help.
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  1. do you hear any background sound of the game you were playing while you lose the display?????

    does it happen only while gaming???

    i suspect the problem might be with your gpu....try out your card on some other machine
  2. cables not properly seated
  3. I hear the background noise sometime, but then sometimes it just flat out stops, and it only happens when gaming and also my older card that I switched back to worked fine while I waited for the psu to arrive.
  4. must be a problem with your gpu....try you card out in another pc, if problem continues...rma your card
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