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I have a question that I have seen a lot of people ask over the last couple of weeks, which PC monitor to purchase for the Playstation 4. I have researched it quite a bit but I am still not sure what to do with regard my purchase. Each time I think I have found the one for me, someone mentions something that puts me off and back to square one.

I have played a PS3 on a 6 year old Sony 27inch 1080i LCD screen for years and definitely noticed the difficulties my TV had in giving the best picture possible. Nonetheless I still thoroughly enjoyed playing on it regardless of the TV’s shortcomings. So I’m not looking for the absolute best screen you can buy because I’m sure most of the options I have will beat my old TV in every regard.

I want a monitor because I don’t watch TV, don’t have the space for a large TV, don’t want to spend the money on a TV and I want to game at a desk. I am looking for a crisp and responsive picture with better colours than my 6 year old TV! Money isn’t a huge problem either. Reliable, 24inch, 1080p, good response time and HDMI is what I’m after.

Here are the two monitors I keep returning to, and the questions I have about them.


First of all I know the 144hz refresh rate is pointless for a PS4 and I have read how bad the colours are, but it fits my criteria! Here are my questions: will the screen having a refresh rate of 144hz have a negative affect if I were to use a PS4 with it? Are the colours going to be much worse than a 6 year old LCD?

DELL S2440l:

Again, this fits the bill. But one thing: the potential for reflections on the screen is a worry for me. Anybody have one care to chime in?

I know there are a tonne of different screens I can consider and it is so hard to choose. Any input would be greatly appreciated. It's daunting thinking about it.

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  1. looks good. also how u gonna hear the game, u got a amp or something?
  2. iceclock said:
    looks good. also how u gonna hear the game, u got a amp or something?

    Plan is to use headphones through the DS4, not ideal but will suit me fine.
  3. cool, screen looks good.
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