My monitor,mouse and keyboard port not working

hello, Today i encountered a problem while starting my computer. my monitor keyboard and mouse are not working. first i checked the monitorand it was plugged in and i made sure monitor is okay. when i started computer, then i saw that monitor is not displaying anything. usually after 1 or 2 second, it starts displaying but today no display was available. i waited long time but no display. Immediately i realised that, when operating computer, mouse and keyboard lights are not showing. (for mouse it is red light below it), then i confirmed that my ports are not working. i tried removing CMOS battery then again put it back correctly, removed the ram from the slot and put it back again and i alsi checked if my motherboard is okay by starting computer without ram. and i got beep beep sound and made sure it was alright, then i pluggued out monitors cable from cpu and i saw a messege showing monitor is not working. my fans are spinning, i see everything normal as before except monitor mose and keyboard, i tried plugging in mouse and keyboard in all ports but still not working.
One thing should be mentioned here, i have been getting CMOS battery failure massege feom one month, thats why when i had to start the computer, i had to press enter to procced. but now without keyboard i cant do that.
I have been searching for answer for 4 hours, but found no suitable answer. Please help me..i am badly in nees of help..please....i know my mobo is not power supply unit is not dead...please help me
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  1. Did u tried replacing your CMOS battery?
  2. does your system boot into OS?
  3. thanks gokul for responding. and no i dont have extra CMOS battery andvi havent bought any. hopefully will go for buying CMOS if its suggested..:)
    and sorry i didnt get your 2nd question ! please be more clear :) thank you
  4. does your System enter into Operating System?
  5. my primary suspection is that my ports are all went failure. thats why may be i am facing this.. if its so, then please help me describing if ports can be repaired or replaced without any change in motherboarb
    2nd suspection is may be my power supplier gone failed, thats why may be monitor port is not working as well as other...but its absolutely alright...
  6. 1st....try to borrow Power supply from ur friends and check ur system....if it work....

    and then post ur result here ....
  7. last time when i start the pc was yesturday and it was working fine and yes it entered into OS. and i know it has no problem in entering into OS. what is bothering me is Keyboard and monitor and mouse..
  8. only ur USB ports are not working?
  9. sure i will. but is the port failure possibly causing for having any problem in power supplier?
  10. u have just check tat out by changing the PSU
  11. not only all usb ports but also monitor port! but my internet cable port is working fine as i.can see green light there....
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    gokul36 said:
    only ur USB ports are not working?

    Anonymous said:
    not only all usb ports but also monitor port! but my internet cable port is working fine as i.can see green light there....

    im experiencing exactly the same with frank in my experience last night im just playing with my pc with no problem then this morning when i turn on my computer i hear the power supply fan and see the led fan inside my pc turn on so i assume its ok... a few second after i go back to my pc to enter my password thats when i saw my monitor "check signal cable"(sumsung SA300 18.50") then i notice my keyboard is also dead and also my mouse,(there is no light from numlock/capslock/scroll lock and the lazer red light at the bottom of the mouse) after that i remove my mouse and try it to my laptop im thinking maybe it is already damage. but the mouse has still redlight at the bootom and i can still use it in my laptop... what i did this morning i disassemble all the parts and assemble it one by one after that i remove reset the BIOS(hope you know what i mean changing the pin and move it back) after this i remove the CMOS battery for 1 and half hour then put it back but still nothing happen... and on one things also i can't hear any beep just the fan from my processor running.... can someone help us frank and me will appreciate your great help...
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