What kind of power supply should i get for 2 Radeon HD 7870s GHz Edition and an i5-3570k?

I plan on overclocking both cards and the CPU I am going to crossfire the 7870 as well. I don't know if 850 watts will be enough. Or will it?
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    850watt Quality PSU is more than enough, a quality 750watt would handle it fine! System only calls for 600watts you would get away with a quality 650watt with 4 PCIe power connectors.
  2. I would say a solid 650W PSU is enough to run your configuration, however, if you plan to do extensive overclocking I'd go with a 750W for extra headroom. This is a good Antec PSU made by Seasonic. It will run your system no problem. It also has some extra room if you want to beef up your system later down the road. It's 80 Plus Gold and a new model. This would be my personal replacement if my old PCP&C ever took a dive.
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