How do I RAID a Lacie 1 TB SSD

Hi everyone!

I have a LaCie 1TB SATA III SSD Thunderbolt Little Big Disk Hard Drive (2 x 512 GB SSD)

Out of the box, it's already set up as a RAID 0 for Mac.

I'm running windows 7 bootcamp and Lacie's drivers didn't work, so I thought I was gonna RAID 0 it myself in Windows Disk Management.

By themselves, I can partition them, getting 2 x 512 GB workable drives.

But I need to convert them from Basic to Dynamic disks to be able to RAID 0 (stripe), and the disk management wont let me.
Getting the error message that "There is not enough space on the disk (s) to bla bla bla".

This external SSD will be used as storage and for FRAPS capture destination etc, but I'm waiting for a PROMISE Pegasus J2 512GB (2 x 256GB) SSD Thunderbolt Hard Drive that I'm going to use as bootdisk for Windows 7 and this worries me that I won't be able to use it.

How do I proceed with this?
Please help!

Best regards
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    You needs apples Thunderbolt bootcamp driver to start with.
    Other then that you'll have to contact Lacie I'm afraid.
  2. ok mate, well the Lacie's drivers doesnt work, (trust me Ive tried), I have contacted Lacie support and they have forwarded me to their tier 2 support so hopefully I will get an answer to this problem of mine.
    As soon as i get one I will post it here of course.
    Thank you buddy!
  3. SOLVED! Using

    Im starting a new thread with some information regarding speedtests result that was, I must say, negatively surprising..
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