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I want a price and unbeatable product. Which is it. For laptop and budget product, mostly for email, browsing and casual gaming.
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  1. Casual Gaming meaning what games? You can get a laptop to handle things like Sims 1 and Flash games for about $400.
  2. A game like simcity which you can build a town with everything. But i want it to last for 5 years mostly following the technology simultaneously. I don't want to be left out with a software that can't be supported, like modern video games but with lowered details. Thanks for replying.
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    If you want to play modern games (SimCity does not take much video power, even the latest one a basic i5 laptop can handle), this is a good buy for $650. That's about the cheapest you can get to a quality system that will handle games.

    This should also run many things, but will be slower than the ASUS will run older games just great though.
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