Difference between 2.0 & 3.0 pci express

Hey guys !

So anyone can tell me the difference? will i notice some sort of FPS boost or something?
Atm i'm using a mobo that support 2.0 my card how ever is 3.0.
Soon i'm getting a new mobo that supports 3.0 so i'm wondering what the difference is =P
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  1. PCIe3 offers double the bandwidth per lane than PCIe2.
    In terms of gaming performance, makes no difference as long as your connecting to a PCIe2 8x slot or better. Its more of a future proofing thing for workstation grade cards and PCIe based storage.
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    You will see no difference in performance by any video cards yet out there between PCIe 2 and 3.

    Read THIS for some background and where we are heading.
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