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MSI R9 270x flickering screen and Black Screen

Hi! This is my first time posting on tom's hardware and i hope to get as much help as possible. Before i start i just want to let you know if you have a solution please be as detailed as you can.

1) First issue is the flickering screen and looking through the forum and stuff i think the issue is with the bio but i cannot find a way to update it so i will just wait for an official update i guess.

2) The is black screen issue, the flickering i can bare but the black screen i cannot do anything. Everything runs fine and the screen goes grey/black 1-3 days apart. I took the graphic card out and put in Radeon HD 6870 and it doesn't happen. When the screen goes grey/black the computer and everything else still running but just frozen kinda. Here is a picture of the screen and some stuff. Also sorry if i don't make things clear enough, English is my second language and i'm out of touch with grammer and all.

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  1. You did a clean install of the drivers for 270 ?
  2. you see that's what i had in mind too moving to from 6870 to the 270x, so i followed some instruction by removing the AMD thing through uninstall or change a program, then deleted all the ATI/AMD folders from C: i mean ALL then deleted all ATI/AMD from registry. once that is done i reinstalled the video drivers. Oh another thing is when i try to run catalyst it just say "currently, no settings to configure." My last test would be to just format the harddrive and do a clean install but i wanted to see what people have to say before i resort to that.
  3. What driver version are you using?
  4. This one, MSI Graphics Driver 13.101 win7 64, ATI Graphics Drivers
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    There's your problem. Download the driver from Go to support & drivers and download the newest beta driver. You should only the manufacturer specific driver if the generic one doesn't work.
  6. weird, i downloaded directly from the brand's site, Having said that, i will do what you said and hope that will fix it. Also is there any easier way to clean uninstallation of graphic drivers other than doing it manually like i did? Seems like that doesn't fully uninstall everything.

    When i try the auto detect and install it just tell me cannot find OS... should i manually find the driver? Or the auto detect not finding OS is a problem that needs fixing?
  7. Ok, so i used driver sweeper and sweeped the drivers in safemode, installing the AMD 13.11 beta 9.5 and i get this. Anyway i hit ok and it continued to install. Checked the log and AMD Accelerate Video Transcoding was the one that failed. Fixed the currently no settings to configure in CCC, will have to wait a bit more before i can report on the black screen and flickering.

  8. Hm well if you have any problems let us know. You could always try to use the latest certified driver instead.
  9. well the flickering stopped and as for the black screen it has been a day and no thing so i hope that is gone but i usually happen at around 2nd or 3rd day. We'll see thanks for the help, cheers!
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