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I recently bought a HD7770 to replace my old graphics card, alongside a new Coolermaster PSU. The PSU works fine.


However it appears the card is not being recognised. When windows starts the resolution is wrong and in dxdiag is says the computer is running from its standard VGA graphics.

Things worth mentioning:

I did not remove any old drivers for the old graphics card I just unplugged it from the PCI-E... should I plug in my old card and remove the old drivers first?
Also I'm worried that the 7770 might not be compatible with my chipset.
My chipset is a nvidia MCP61 which I believe is PCI-E 1.0

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    That happened to me. All it was that I loaded the new drivers and restarted my computer and it calibrated for me. I
  2. Ok thanks. I've been on their website and I believe the drivers are:

    AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver

    Do I just download it and it updates itself?
  3. You probably should have used the driver disc that came with the card to install its drivers first. That will help your system recognize the type of card. Or just download the up-to-date Catalyst Control Center from AMD & install it.
  4. No software came with the card (my old card came with a CD) so I'm just DLing the drivers from site. I'll let you know if it works.
  5. First you should uninstall the old graphics card drivers "just in case".

    Put back your old graphics card and start yout computer, you should download driver cleaner pro here. You can download Ati Catalyst too now but dont install yet.

    After download, install driver cleaner pro but don't run it yet, first goto device manager in control panel, select display adapters, double click on your graphic card, select the driver tab, and select uninstal.

    Reboot your computer and start in safe mode, run driver cleaner and select the brand of your old graphics card (Nvidia/ati) from the drop down list to be cleaned. This will remove all remaining parts of the old driver. It should be run in safe mode as this has the best results.

    Shutdown the computer, unplug power cord and repleace the graphics card. Turn the computer on, after windows loads you can install Ati drivers.

    This method has the best results.
  6. Thanks everyone it seemed I needed to download the drivers.
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