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Hey guys, long time lurker here!

I'm looking around at the moment for a monitor upgrade. I'm a freelance graphic designer currently making-do on an old LG L226WTQ 22" monitor at 1650x1050 resolution; it's time I went for a new 24-27" monitor - I got this one around 2004/5 if not slightly before, but I have a few concerns in doing so.

First of all I currently have a DVI connection, which has served me well, but am wondering if it's going to be phased out in the next few years in favour of HDMI and Display Port. I was looking into the Dell P2414H as it's a nice size and I could pay for one now and potentially move to a second one for further productivity in the future. What puts me off is it's lack of a HDMI port, noted as a con in your review here, and it's relatively low resolution at 1080p.

I've looked into the P2714H, which has the same basic problems and other 27" monitors with higher resolutions but I can't decide what the best monitor is. I'm either looking to spend money for a 27" monitor that will have a good, high resolution for graphic design - something like 1440p - or getting two lower resolution monitors at 24" for productivity.

Add to this the fact that I like to play BF3/4 and Planetside 2 and games like Bioshock and Tomb Raider, I'm looking for excellent colour reproduction for the graphic design element, but I don't want any lag or problems while gaming.

So I'm looking for your advice. I'm willing to spend up to a maximum of £450 for the right monitor and I've currently got my eye on either the Asus PA249Q or the Dell U2414H which has just been released and has better connections than the P model. But I'm open to suggestions.

Am I blowing smoke here and worrying over DVI/HDMI/DP connections and resolutions when I'll likely be able to have my cake and eat it with graphic design and gaming on a standard 1080p monitor, or is there a better alternative out there I've not considered?
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  1. DELL S2740L 27' LED
  2. With the DELL S2740L 27' LED I'd be worried about the 84% sRGB coverage and the reflectivity of the screen.

    I'm concerned that in going to 1440p resolution I'm going to have to get a beasty graphics card to just be able to game at the higher resolution.

    From what I've read, these panels all have basically the same panels, it's just the packaging and price that's different. Of the three listed which would you recommend more? I think Asus and Dell have the same warranty of 3 years on their premium panels.

    Are there any specific pros/cons to going to a bigger 1440p screen I'm neglecting?
  3. At the moment I'm trying to choose between Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM and the ASUS PA278Q or PB279Q - I have read that the 249 has a wider sRGB Gamut which could come in handy for me. What's the difference between PA and PB in Asus?

    Any monitors that would fit my needs I'm missing?
  4. They are all about the same, except the Asus PB278Q(I think that is what you were trying to say) has a PLS Panel. This PLS Panel has a very similar color reproduction to many other IPS panel monitors, but it is also faster, which are both perks for using it for both graphic design and gaming.

    Also, what do you guess think that would be a good screen size to use for graphic design with two screens? I have seen several recommendations for 27" monitors, like these monitors, but is there a better size if I am using dual monitors?
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