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I recently got Bf4 and i have noticed that the frames are quite choppy. I have everything upgraded in my computer gtx 660ti with a 8350 and 10gb of 1333 ram. 800w psu. But i have a oem motherboard that came with the HP computer. Will upgrading this boost performance noticeably?

I built a computer for my friend, a 4670k 270x and a asus lower end mobo but i noticed that his preformance is wayyyy better than mine.

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  1. well your problem does not seem to be because of the motherboard........fps change can hardly be felt due to mobo s

    are u using the latest drivers and bios??????
  2. got my latest drivers but not sure about the bios. Are my specs good enough that bf4 should be as laggy as it is?
  3. specs are good what resolutions and settings are you gaming??????
  4. 1920x1080 and at low it doesnt lag but medium and high do
  5. it should not have lag ed at med settings...not at that resolution though

    you can try out a couple of things:

    try a complete driver sweep and re install them again. If that does not work out, to find a bottleneck, look at the CPU/GPU usage when playing a game max out. If it's very high in the 90's and touching a 100 is certain points then you have a CPU/GPU is the bottleneck
  6. yea its hitting 100 and 90 the cpu what do i do to get rid of that
  7. NVM sorry the graphics card is hitting 100 quite a bit i dont understand why
  8. gpu hitting 100% now and then is ok....what about your cpu usage?????
  9. cpu usage is fine, ever second the gpu usage is going 100% down to 60% then back to 100% continuosly
  10. seems ok have to do 1 thing in this case,tone down your settings a bit. may be the msaa and the aa settings to med
  11. so a gtx 660ti and a 8350 shouldnt be able to max it out?
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    do remember....not all card even if it is the same model yield the exact same result

    Recommended for BF4(Official)

    OS: 64-bit Windows 8

    CPU(AMD): 6-core

    CPU(Intel): 4-core

    RAM: 8 GB

    HDD: 30 GB

    GPU(AMD): Radeon 7870

    GPU(Nvidia): GeForce GT660

    VRAM: 3 GB

    so your case maxing out everything is going to be a problem
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