Gtx 770. How much ram do i need?

Hello i just bought the Evga gtx 770 (sc) and i bought it with 2gb of memory. I havent run into any problems yet but people say that i need 4gb of memory of ram on my Gpu and such but i only run with 1 monitor of 24 inches = 1920-1080p. So do i really need 4gb of ram for the newest games?
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    For 1080p on a single monitor, you do not need 4GB of memory right now. It also depends on the game your playing. e.g. Skyrim with a lot of mods can go over 2GB. on the other hand games like BF4 only use about 1.4GB of ram for me so your good.
  2. well you never really know you should probably go with 4gb because something like the gtx 295 was top of the line four years ago now its completely obsolete in only four years!!!!
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