Cpu fan problem , help pls

Hello, today bought a new computer.
There was a problem.
In the BIOS CPU - fan 478-482 RPM written with red letters, it worries me greatly.


CPU temperature +77.0F/+25.0 C
Motherboard +28.0 C

Whether there is a cause for concern?

P.s. motherboard Asus Z87-A
cpu intel 4770k
cpu fan Thermalright Macho Rev.A
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More about cpu fan problem pls
  1. The red letters are warning that the mobo thinks the fan is failing because it is so slow. It is not intelligent enough to correlate it with the CPU temperature and see that there is no problem. You should be able to adjust the fan speed using QFan to a higher minimum, or lower the value that it reports as a problem.
  2. There is 3 fans that bios show me : cpu - 480 rpm
    fan 1 - 778 rpm
    fan 2 - 727 rpm

    seems like onus right , have is the minimum value of 600 RPM for cpu.

    Thanks for all the answers :)
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