IPS Monitors (23-24 in) Choices for gaming (under $250)?

With to the advice of several posters from this forum, I have ordered all the computer components for my first gaming system except for the monitor.

After searching thoroughly for the details for the current IPS monitors on the market, I am still unsure which monitor would be the best fit for me. Can anyone give me any advice?

I know that IPS monitors are a bit slower compared to TN monitors in regards to gaming purposes. With the money I have spent for my system I really want to see quality color and details on my monitor. I do not want to sacrifice quality for speed.
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  1. lg 27ea63v-p
    edit: ignore the recommendation. i didn't read about the screen size requirements
  2. I have use a desk that has wooden shelves above the location of my monitor, so I think 27 inches would be too big for my desktop.
  3. same case with me. I have the DELL U2412M.
  4. I was look at that monitor and the 1080p version of it, but I have read the later versions have issues with yellow tinting on the screens. Did you find any issues with your monitor or is it working as intended?
  5. I have tried it for office work, gaming and bluray movie playback and i haven't dealt with any issues. Also this monitor doesn't have a hdmi port (i knew that when i bought it)
  6. I have the rev00 (just checked) so i cannot confirm or deny these rumours
  7. That is good to hear. I know many people were satisfied with these monitors. I just do not want to deal with returning a defective monitor back to the manufacturer. I wish I knew more about monitors before making my final decision soon.
  8. I see. The A00 monitors are supposedly the defective monitors being shipped out.
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  10. I will check it out and read the reviews. Although the monitor is under $250 I do prefer the monitors around $200 for budget purposes. However I did buy a 780 so I may need to pay a bit more to enjoy the 780's benefits. :)
  11. It is not an IPS monitor but ASUS has a few IPS monitors within my price range. I will check them out right now.
  12. Exactly, I like a thicker stand to support with panel that can adjust the height. Now my choice is between ASUS PB238Q or the Dell U2312m. This is a tough choice since I have used Dell monitors in the past with no complaints but the yellow tint issue worries me a bit. The ASUS looks fine but I never used an ASUS monitor before and it is about $30 more expensive. I will need to think this over. Thanks for your assistance.
  13. sfyjdgykqing said:
    I have tried it for office work,

    Which one?
  14. my dell monitor
  15. Ugh after reading some more reviews I am back to square one. I am not sure why I am so indecisive for my monitor compared to the rest of the components (which is ready to go). I think I need Motrin after spending hours investigating...
  16. tonyzet said:

    Updated: A week ago I went to Best Buy to personally check the monitors they had and chose this one and I am quite pleased with it so far. Same price listed on online sites without the delay of shipping! Thanks! :)
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