Is my vid card bad

I have an Asus GTX660-DC2 Series card, the rest of the system is fx6350 on an asrock 970 extreme4 mb corsair cx600 psu 8 gigs of ram and running windows 7 64
I am running at stock speeds.
The problem i am having is that after a while my display goes haywire and i have to shut down the pc via power switch, the screen will fill swith small multi color blocks and render the pc useless.
Ithought that the Aero Them may be causing the problem because i have had problems in the past on windows 7 but disabling the feature seems to have no affect on the crash.
The thing is i can game for hours at a time and never have any problems at all but when the problem is almost guaranteed to happen is if i alt+tab to the desktop, this is not the only time is happens but it seems to be the most common.
I have tried a few different driver versions removing previous versions each time and they all seem to not fix the problem. i am currently running 331.93.
The card is not overheating i keep Asus Gpu Tweak running on my second monitor at times just so i can monitor temps and usage the temp never gets above 40.0c.
Anyone have any suggestions or should i be looking for a new card?
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  1. can you test another gpu or maybe the fx 6100 needs more juice or ram timings really i dont know good luck
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    I have a similar problem with my system except mine will just freeze the screen at one spot and then I gotta use the push button to reset everything. It has done it before also where it froze then started going again and windows 8 popped up a message saying that the video card driver failed. It is weird since I also play games for hours at a time and never fails once but then go back to windows or a non full screen program and it has a chance to freeze. It doesn't happen to me often so I don't worry about it.
    My suggestion is look for a new card if you have the money.
  3. well i guess i should have mentioned this is a new card i got it for $139 have had it installed about a month and it runs the stuff i want to play so when i say get a new card i mean rma.
  4. My card is really old, its a GTX 460 768MB
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