Do i need to wipe my HDD before using it in a new computer?

basically im building a new PC and i was wondering if i needed to wipe/reformat the HDD before using in the new PC? the HDD i have is fairly new at only a few months old but i already have windows on it.

So do i need to wipe it blank before installing it into the new system or can i just install it with the OS already on it and install the drivers for the new components normally.
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    When you boot from the windows dvd and select a custom(clean new) install, you will be given the option to format the hard drive and remove anything previously written on it.
  2. At the very least you should do a reformat so you can do a fresh OS install in the new machine. If it was my machine I would go the extra step and run DBAN for a complete wipe on it before installing it into the new system and before installing the new OS.
  3. thanks to both of you for the help :)
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