Is this build good enough for gaming?

I would like to know if this rig could play games such as bf3/4 and crysis 2 at medium to high settings at 1080p

I3-3220 - processor

Msi B75MA-P45 - motherboard

EVGA GTX 650 TI - graphics card

CORSAIR CX430 - power supply

Probably 8gb of corsair vengeance ram and a 1tb caviar blue hard drive

Thanks in advance!! :)
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    Really as long as you have 4 gigs of Ram your good even with gaming. The main factor is your video card. The video card you have here is a nice one. I would also suggest getting a quad core CPU if the games you are playing can use it. I think your system is pretty good, but if you want a really good one get 4 gigs of RAM and a much better graphics card.
  2. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Haven,t bought any of this yet so can you maybe recommend a better graphics card but not too expensive, definetly under £150
  3. Thanks again! Maybe a bit expensive for me at the moment, I will probably upgrade when I get some more money next year. Hopefully, this will be good enough till then! :)
  4. Seriously - if you plan on playing BF3/4 you will need quad core cpu and your gpu will only play these games on med - high settings with little or no AA.
  5. It is in USD not £
  6. Yh I know but I can get these in England aswell probably and also I'm going to the US next year
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