Possible Motherboard problem? Blue screen

Hi, i have a dell precision 690, and have been trying for a week to finally get it to run on 2 cpus, so i've finally installed windows 7 ultimate, but the 2nd CPU socket had a few dodgey pins, thus didn't work. (This was fine, as i initally started to build a 690 from the motherboard upwards, but a case was to hard to find, so i bought a complete machine)

So i just put in the new motherboard (both motherboards MY171) And i even put in the same bios battery.

But now when i go on to run windows, it loads to the blue windows screen then goes to a blue screen of death saying 'hardware malfunction'.

The PC loads up, monitor works, bios recognises all RAM (i took all out and only used 1 stick, different each time in different slots) so this means the only problem is either the motherboard OR hard drive, i've tried different leads to the hard drive, and made sure everything is connected and where ti should be. Unfortunatley, the only lther hard drive i have is faulty so can not test this, i've tried start up wizard / safe mode, they still give a blue screen, with writing on it, saying 'if this is the first time this blue screen has occourd please restart your computer' or saying something of the sort, will try reformatting tomorrow as i am currently waiting for a .iso to re download on a laptop i've had to borrow.

Any ideas what could fix this? As i am praying it is just a driver error, as the prev motherboard has bios A08 but this motherboard has a07, but it seems unlikely they would be a driver/ compatibility issue, as they're the exact same motherboard!

Thanks in advance guys!
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  1. Same Motherboard but different BiOS version. You might want to try a flash it A08.
  2. Is there a way i can do that without my computer reaching desktop? I have the file, or cluld easily download on usb
  3. Normally when you flash the BiOS, it is done before it boots. It can be done from a flash drive.
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