problem with 6870 registering as a 5800 series.

I am having the same problem as in another post here. I got an HD6870 to crossfire with my current one. It was originally purchased in April, 2013. It shows in CCC as a 5800 chipset. I can not figure how to crossfire it. It does show as a 6870 'subsystem ID', but as a 5800 series chipset. Any solution possible to this, and is this why it won't crossfire?

Also, what is best CCC for crossfire??

Thanks folks
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  1. ya google around fake amd cards and check in to that it seemed that i read that you nay have got one of them [ fake HD 6850 (based on HD 6450) ] it was like they take a lower card and jack with the bios on them i wish i could rember more but try that search and it may pop up what brand of card do you got ? if its a name brand like sapphire i would take it up with them good luck and as far aS the ccc goes its part of your driver package with amd.
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