New Build won't display from GPU's HDMI port

Hi everyone,

My new build boots fine, but when the monitor is plugged into the GPU's HDMI port, it won't display. It displays fine using the DVI port. I'm assuming the problem is a faulty HDMI port on the GPU, but before I send it back, can anyone think of something I'm missing.

- I've tested with 2 monitors and got the same results.
- The build won't boot from the mobo's HDMI port either (even with GPU removed) - Is this typical?

GPU: MSI Radeon 7850
Mobo: ASROCK z87 extreme 4
PSU: 500Watts Corsair, which should be sufficient.
CPU: i7 4770k
RAM: 16GB Crucial Ballistics
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  1. can u tell abt the Monitor model? both
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