intel core i5 4400 how many visual core

hey guys can may i ask how many visual core does an i5 4440 processor just wondering because on the specs it says it have 4 cores and 4 threads and i can only see 4 cores in my task manager... are the threads hidden on or not activated? pls help
specs: MSI b85 G43 gaming, Intel core I5 4440, GPU: r9 270x , Psu cooler master silenr pro: RAM corsair vengeance 2X4gb...
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  1. That just means there's one thread per core, to distinguish it from a hyper-threaded CPU like an i7 which has two threads per core (4 cores/8 threads)
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    It is a quad core cpu without hyperthreading so....................... 4
  3. ty mates for the fast answer so i guess its just a quad core cpu with only 1 thread for each core that'
    s why i only see 4 cores on my task manager
  4. exactly
  5. SchizTech said:

    thanks mate it really help me to understand my processor
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