Windows 8 32bit to 64bit?

I bought a two disc windows 8 installation disc (came with 32bit and 64bit disc).
And this computer is a 64bit based possessor. Well windows told me to put in the 32 bit one first and if I needed to put in the 64bit disc they would tell me. Well they didn't tell me. I was wondering if there's any way I could upgrade it to the 64bit version. I don't have the discs anymore but I have my product key. Sorry if some things don't make sense, I'm not that good with computers.
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    generally you need 3gb or more of ram to make use of a 64bit install of windows. If you don't have that much ram there is no point really.
  2. Who told you to use the 32 bit disk first? There's no problem going straight to 64. Anyway, there's no "bit upgrade;" you have to re-install from a 64 bit install disk.
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