Screen turned red and white strip and Stopped the whole pc

Guys i need to ask u guys some question i have problem with my pc the spec was:
Intel core i5 3470
Asus radeon hd 7770 direct cu top
8gb kingston ram
500gb HD by Western digital
Asus p8z77v-lx mother board
Asus Dvd reader
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
A 550w PSU
A samsung s19b150 monitor 1366x768
i was about to ask sometimes when i logged on to this computer for a while it suddenly turned into a red white strip line of a dispay and i cant do anytrhing about it cause it just lagged there i have been restarting my pc for about 7 times and it keeps on happening anything i can do about it?Theres no virus inside my pc its all new n ive run security check pls anything u guys can help? :(
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  1. could be a bad video card or bad power. pull the gpu and see if the onboard video will post fine. then turn off the pc and put the card in and see if it errors out again. also try the video card in another pc
  2. What driver version of AMD you are using?
  3. Its the Asus Hd 7770 direct cu top 1gb ddr5
  4. IcyScratch09 said:
    Its the Asus Hd 7770 direct cu top 1gb ddr5

    I mean the driver, Is it 13.11beta or 13.9 whql?
  5. version
  6. Best answer
    IcyScratch09 said: version

    I think its not that one, Im talking about Graphics card driver.
    Anyway, try to download 13.9 whql catalyst driver from amd website for your 64 bit W7.
    Delete old driver from control panel (uninstall program) maybe you have to do it twice.
    Then install 13.9.See how it works.
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