My new CPU cooler wont fit!

I bought a new CPU cooler; a Noctua NH-U9B SE2.
My current MOBO is MSI 990FXA-GD80, Socket-AM3+, and my current CPU cooler is the stock cooler for AMD Phenom II 1090 X6.
Problem is the docking system or whatever that holds the heatsink in place and connects it to the motherboard on the back side, isn't shaped after the screw holes.
This is really annoying, and if it's fixable, please reply. The current cooler is noisy as hell!

Current backplate that fits:

New backplate that doesn't fit:
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  1. You didn't tell us HOW it doesn't fit
  2. CTurbo said:
    You didn't tell us HOW it doesn't fit

    Sorry. Fixed now-
  3. Best answer
  4. CTurbo said:

    I added some pictures to make it easier
  5. Never mind guys. It's just me being stupid.
    I simply had to use the old AMD backplate!
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