Can I use this server chip to build a computer? intel xeon 3200dp/2mb/800

If I can use this server processor to make a computer, what motherboard will I need? Will the computer be fast?
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    That sounds like a socket 604 (Intel) Xeon chip. Many Dell Precision workstations run Socket 604 Xeon processors. Examples include the 470, 650, and 670.

    Yes, You can build a system around it, but it's not worth it.

    Xeon systems are specialty things. After building half-a-dozen of them, I have learned to get a running system, complete with (several) processors, a motherboard, heatsinks, RAM, and an operating system.

    Just figuring out the ranks of ECC RAM can drive You insane. Then, You learn that 95% of Microsoft's OS installation media will not work on Xeon-based systems.

    I run many Socket 771 Xeon-based systems. These are Dell Precision 690 and T7400 models. They were super-fast in their day:
    (1) 2x quad-core processors,
    (2) Dozens of gigs of FB DIMMS (ECC DDR2,)
    (3) Quad-Channel RAM.

    The down sides to these (Dell Precision Socket 771) systems are:
    (1) PCI-e 1.1 (which means SLOW video)
    (2) FB DIMMs are really expensive
    (3) Limited Windows 7/8 support. You have to get it installed somehow, then install Vista x64 drivers the newer x64 OSes.

    Good luck, but (as I said) You are better off buying a running Dell Precision workstation rather than starting with a single chip.
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