Freezes every few seconds when gaming

So a certain game I play called rust is pretty fun but lately I have been experiencing these freezes that last normally 5-10seconds I discovered that the problem came from something in my device manager under the game,audio tab called Realtek high definition audio. When I disable this driver my game runs flawlessly but I'm not able to hear anything coming out of my headphones after I do this. I've read on the game forums that some people had used their nvidia high definition audio but for some reason that's not under my device manager even though I have a nvidia graphics card. In other words is there anyway I can keep Realtek disabled while getting sound from another driver?
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  1. whats your system specs?
    first try to update your realtek driver. search your motherboard's driver online and re-install the realtek audio driver.

    if it still not working, buy a sound card like asus sonar, sound blaster and it will replace realtek.
  2. Each device has it own driver, just update it if needed.
  3. Specs are as follows

    Processor:intel core i7-3630QM
    Graphics card: nvidia GeForce GTX 675M
    OS:windows 8
  4. I see, so its a laptop., just search for your laptop model's driver and re-install your realtek audio driver.
  5. I've tried reinstalling the driver but to no avail :c I decided to open up the console in-game and see if i could figure out was going on.

    I found this error spamming my console and can't seem to figure out what it means/how to fix it @_@
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