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hello i currently have a system with an i3 2120 CPU, radeon 6870 2GB, p67A-GD53 mobo, 16GB DDR3 xms ram, seagate barracuda 7200rpm 750 GB HHD. i am upgrading the CPU to an i5 3350P, adding an intel 530 120GB ssd and i would be safe with the same PSU or if it will use more power and if so how much. i have no clue waht watt my psu is, im going to guess a 750 but the sticker is agianst my mobo.
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    you should be fine. Not much of a increase, unless you're getting a stronger Graphics card or running a duo graphics card
  2. thanks!
  3. I think Intel is not best buy SSD for now. Or 3350P cpu with your mobo.

    If you do not want to OC then look Intel xeon 1230V2. or go with 3570k.
    SSD good buy is Samsung PRO. Or if you look cheaper sandisk ultra plus is qawaome buy. Take 256GB
    It is about same price as samsung pro 128GB. Bigger is better :)
    But is 120GB is what u think is enough look cheap 120-128GB

    PSU is enough. Best is look what psu is that to make sure. There is PSUs in market that do delivery only 450w and sticker says 750w.
  4. i have already ordered the SSD and CPU as well as a case, if i would have gotten either of the CPU you mentioned and the SSD you mentioned i would have broken my budget. my mobo can be over clocked as well as my gpu if i feel like it. i am still a novice and probably going to spend most of my time on what everything is first before i even try to over clock.
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