installing graphic card and ram for my pentim dual core e5400 2.7 ghz

my pc specs
intel pentium(r) e5400 @ 2.7 ghz
1 gb ram
which ram and graphic card are suitable for this processor which can support games like bf4 or at least ac3
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    hd 7750-

    If you're looking at nvidia your option is the gt640, but with that rebate you can't beat the price of the 7750.

    Hopefully you're playing at low resolution because any GPU matched to that processor is going to be pushed to max with bf4.
  2. Your whole system needs an upgrade. Your processor and ram will be a major bottleneck, especially in games like bf4, ac3. You should consider upgrading your processor and ram first before your gpu

    Your best bet would probably be a 7750 and I wouldn't go higher than that because of your processor
  3. If you're willing to build a new rig give us a budget and we can let you know what you can get.
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