Can I upgrade my gaming notebook to have a dual dvi port so i can achieve 144hz at the native resolution (1920x1080)

So I got this lovely gaming notebook a couple years back, but now i was giving a new benq 144hz monitor. only problem is that you cant get 144hz unless u have a dual link dvi port which my notebook does not have. Is there even an option to upgrade the graphics card for my notebook and put a dual link dvi or do i actually have to get a new computer(desktop)

specs on the notebook:

msi gt683-r

i7 2.0 ghz
geforce gtx 560M (hdmi, vga)
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  1. Really do not think there is any way at all to do that. There are very very few notebooks that even allow the replacement of the GPU anyway and since you did not even list the make/model of your notebook there is no way to even tell if yours is one.

    Sorry I did not read all the way down before I posted. Need to learn to do that.
    But in any case I could not see any info about the GPU being replaceable with that notebook as far as I can tell the GTX560M that it comes with is it.

    The only option I can see would be to replace the laptop with one that does support what you want since the only video out options that one seems to have is HDMI and VGA.
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