Can't install Windows 7 onto new build via USB (formatted by Mac)

I recently built a new computer and am trying to install Windows 7 via a USB because I don't have an optical drive on my new build. I reformatted my 8GB USB on my Macbook using Boot Camp Assistant (after tweaking it a bit to allow me to install windows 7 to a USB).

When I plug it into my new computer, I made sure to set it as first priority in the boot priority. When I reboot and try to boot the usb drive, it goes to a black screen with a blinking under cursor.

What can I do to fix this? I have been trying to the last few hours and I can't get it to work.

Thanks so much!

My Build:
Intel i5-4670k
MSI Z87-G41
G. Skillz Ripjaws 2X4GB
Kingston 120 GB SSD
Seagate 2TB HD
EVGA 750W Gold
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  1. Your description of the problem suggests that your USB stick isn't bootable. I would double check the procedure that you used to transfer Win 7 to the USB drive, and make sure that it includes the creation of a bootable partition. I don't know anything about Macbooks or Mac software, so I'm afraid that I can't walk you through the specifics.
  2. Use this method on your Mac. It has worked for me with Ubuntu and XP. I will be trying with Windows 7 64bit tomorrow on my new build as well.
  3. Did you actually install Windows 7 to the USB stick, or just put the ISO of the Windows 7 disk on the USB?

    Just do it from a regular computer and use the MS provided ISO to USB utility. will be a lot less messy.
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