Win.7 work CD won't accept my valid home KEY (USB to SSD OS issues)

I have two legitimate Win.7 Pro 64, and two KEY's one without install CD, one for work and home.

I just purchased two Sandisk 128gb SSD's tried to install my home version via USB, downloaded the ISO from Microsoft. Couldn't get Windows to correctly partition the SSD so i tried the install CD for work and it installed. The problem is my home W7 KEY won't validate the install even though it's the same Win.7 Pro 64.

I have spent 15 hours now trying to get this SSD to accept a valid OS.

Can i get this install from my work with my KEY or am i stuck trying to figure out how to get the Microsoft download copy to work with the SSD

Thank you for any insight.
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  1. the keys from the 64 and 32 bits versions of windows are not interchangeable and that's what's causing your issues?
  2. Did you check to see if it's a builder iso, not an upgrade iso?
  3. Just looked at the box and the secretary ordered the W7 home premium 64 bit not W7 Pro. 64 like i asked.

    I'm not sure where to go now! the issue seemed to be;

    1. W7 install from USB would not create 100mb reserved partition.
    2. the downloadable W7 iso for Microsoft is meant for upgrade not fresh install
    3. SSD just suck at this point in time sell the drive and wait 18 months.

    I have tried everything to get the OS to install on the SSD accept burn a W7 DVD or install an older operating system then upgrade to W7, i've read that works with vista but i only have XP pro 64 so...
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