3× 23" monitors with eyefinity or single 27" 120hz/144hz

Hi guys i'm having a dilemma.

I have purchased acer h236hlbmid and I'm thinking of purchasing 2 more of them to use as eyefinity, just like linus did here:

But before I do so i have some questions:

Since im running a single Sapphire Toxic R9 280x card, will it be able to handle the load?

Or would it be wiser to go with a single 27" 120Hz/144Hz monitor like this one:

and keep my acer as off monitor?

Thank you for replys.

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  1. I do believe the 270x will be able to handle it but I'm not an expert. I just wanted to throw in that the eyefinity is awesome for single player games and such, but to run full on first person shooter multiplayer is say just the single 27". Sorry I couldn't be more help. But I do plan to buy the 270x to replace my current card to hold me over till my next build.
  2. Sorry your using the 280x. But yea I'm quite sure it can handle it.
  3. I, personally, would go for the 3 Acer monitors. That way you can have a massive FOV, or you could run separate things on each.
    Your GPU can handle up to 3 monitors, so why not?
  4. That VG278HR is new. I like it a lot, but you would probably do better with the VG278HE, since you are using AMD and apparently have no desire for 3D. The HE model is 144hz with Lightboost as well, though there may be a new color tech in the HR model you may want.

    If your desire is to get high frame rates and decent visuals, you will not get it with 3 monitors with a single 280x.
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