First build ever, BSOD, lots of problems, help!!!

I have been wrestling with this build since it came in the mail! The first test build resulted in old bios that had to be flashed 4 times to get it to post...

I installed: i7 4930k, Asus P9X79-E WS mobo, g-skill ripjaws z f3-2133c11q 32gzl 4 channel 32gb 2133mhz ram, noctua nh-d14 CPU heatsink cooler, corsair ax 860 psu, pny xlr8 240 gb ssd boot drive, 2 stock 3 tb seagate hard drives in raid 1, a Gtx 4gb 770 wind force edition, and a FirePro 4gb w7000.

Soft: windows 8, cad, Revit, 3ds max, rhino, adobe suite

I want to use this for architecture classes. I based a lot if my choices off a video by Linus Sebastian where he builds the "ultimate" video editing workstation. Unfortunately, I havnt had as much luck.

Once I finally got the thing to POST, it popped up a CPU fan error that I've never gotten rid of. I had bigger problems to solve it seems.

After getting windows installed (which had liscence drama) it installed all programs and drivers and started loading files onto it and I was using Firefox (dual monitor, set up originally w/ one to FirePro and one to 770) and suddenly I got a BSOD reading: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_TRAP.

I then did a "system refresh" and plugged both monitors into the FirePro and made sure drivers were up to date. I got most of my apps reinstalled when suddenly I got another BSOD.

This is when I found out about memtest86. I ran the system at default for 24 hours and made 2 passes with no errors. When I tried to boot back into windows I got 2 immediate bsods and then it wouldn't load windows 8. I did ANOTHER system refresh and pulled the 770 altogether including the driver, and decided to run prime95 which I'd just read about. 4 hours in, guess what? BSOD!

Now I am totally confused what the problem could be.

At this point I am still in my 30 day return policy, barely, and am considering returning everything except the psu and case and starting all over. Or maybe I should return the psu as well just to be safe (which sucks cause I really like it!)

Please help, this is my first build ever and I need it to be successful in order to graduate! Please I need good advice!
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  1. did you try to run your computer without video card ?
  2. Yeah, I tried it without the NVidia Gtx 770. I pulled the 770 and uninstalled the drivers, thinking maybe it was graphics driver conflict. I havnt tried pulling the FirePro card yet. That's actually not a bad idea. I will try that.

    I'm starting to think its a mobo/CPU thing a little. Last night I tried to run prime95 again and my CPU cores were all maxed except one that was fluctuating weirdly. Also my core temp went up a degree an hour consistently. Maybe this "CPU fan error" at post is an indicator of a greater cooling issue...

    Gonna try swapping the FirePro for the 770 now.
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    you should disconnect everything...

    just let the
    and only one RAM and try to boot ....
    if everything is fine...
    add another ram
    if everything is fine
    add another ram...
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